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      At Benton’s Big-Rig Tires we put effort in making commercial truck tires affordable for all trucking companies as well as independent owners. With over 150 Distribution Warehouses across the country we guarantee that you will find a warehouse close to you whether you are in your home state or out on the road. We believe in “Growing Our World Around Our Customers And More Customers Will Grow Around Us”, so why pay a lot in shipping cost when you can pick up the tires yourself?

      Please Note: All tire order payments and pickup arrangements must to go through Benton’s Big-Rig Tires before tires can be picked up. If you visit one of the listed local tire distributors above without the proof of purchase you will not be able to pick up any tires or purchase any tires.

      Please Note: All tire issues such tire pricing, tire warranty, tire claims, returns, tire exchange and any other discrepancies will be handled by Benton’s Big-Rig Tires. The local tires distributors are not authorized to handle any problems outside of having your tire ready for pickup. 

      Please Note: We still offer 1 to 3 day shipping to customers that are located in the state Georgia.